Selected Audio

Juan Ep

Served as the Associate Producer on the first season of the “new” Juan Ep — a ten-part series on the life and career of Jay-Z.

All Of It with Alison Stewart

As an intern on “All Of It,” I produced more than 30 segments for the live daily talk show, which included pitching, booking guests and writing scripts.

Emerging Form

Served as the Audio Editor on Season 2 of Emerging Form.

As a black gay kid, I saw my first role model in… Scary Movie

Slate Magazine’s Pre-Woke Watching Series

Script + Voicing

The future of Afrofuturism

The Outline World Dispatch

Production + Reporting

Will this internet trend catch on as a treatment for anxiety and insomnia?



Your immune system is in charge of how quickly you age

The Outline World Dispatch

Host + Production Assistance